Neither becoming, nor being…

“From the desire to be or acquire more, springs the universal disease of jealousy and envy”~J Krishnamurthy.


The desire to be is really the desire to be something, someone.

Thus the desire to be is really the desire to become.
The desire to become, obviously needs to rest on the conviction of lack.

Lack of what is sought to become.

The sense of lack, drives the quest to acquire…….trinkets.

Whether those trinkets are held to be material or spiritual.
In the hope that such trinkets will enable the becoming,
the reaching, the attaining.

Lack……. creating the destination of more….
…. brings in the basis of comparison.

Birthing the envy, who’s ahead in the race to the destination…
.. who is closer to the Guru, who seems to have the shit all together..

.. and rest of the drama.

The utter lack of concern to acquire….


…the utter lack of concern to divest.

Neither the quest to become.

Nor the quest to be.

Immediately the mind asks “OK, how to have this utter lack of concern to acquire”..

“How to have ….not-to-have”.


The watching of the games, put up by thought.


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The ensuing drama from the idea of a located me.

Meaning <=> mind.