In the recognition of beauty as “beautiful”.. the birth of ugliness. In t…

In the recognition of beauty as “beautiful”.. the birth of ugliness.
In the recognition of goodness as “good”…
…is the birth of evil….as “bad”.

“To be” and “not to be” arise mutually;
“Difficult” and “easy” are mutually realized;
“Long” and “short” are mutually contrasted;
“High” and “long” are mutually posited;
“Before” and “after” are in mutual sequence.

The consequence of an identification…as a personal entity, as a personality……is the immediate birth of duality.
And the simultaneous placing of a differential valuation
to either of the dualistic poles.

The sense of a personal entity is nothing…..but the presence of a hint of a sense of distinction.
Now good is to be pursued and evil to be shunned.
But every pursuit, every shunning, is only heaps of despair.
For conditions of existence are not of a mutually exclusive

Distinctions are there because of a trained eye.
Distinction is a learned thing.
Distinction is not there in existence.
Distinction is projected by “you”.
Distinction is given by “you” to the world.

It’s trick played by the trickster on itself…..
….and lo behold the existence of a world.

Look at Nature.

Nature itself does not seem to know or care about the man-made opposites or about this world of opposites.

Nature seems perfectly satisfied and happy to produce a world of infinite, rapturous variety that knows nothing about anything pretty or ugly…..ethical or unethical.

Nature never apologizes…….never sees the need of it.

And as was muttered by the Grace of Arunachala……..

There having been no creation in the first place…..
there can be no destruction.



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